Fighting Fiction – Brand new single 'Rock 'n' Roll is Dead and its Corpse is for Sale' out 4th July on Xtra Mile


Jacob Glew – Vocals/Acoustic Guitar, Matt Roffe – Guitars/Bass/Backing Vocals, Andy Cooke – Guitars/Bass/Backing Vocals, Nate Davenport – Drums/Percussion

Born of a mutual passion for energetic live performance Fighting Fiction’s sound is a powerful collision of Indie-rock guitar riffs, reggae tinged punk and socially aware lyrics. These are songs written with anger and sung with passion. The Bristol based four-piece evoke an honest and fundamentally English sound that is reminiscent of the brooding reggae guitar hooks of ‘London Calling’ era Clash, the lyrical wordplay and vocal delivery of Billy Bragg, and more recently, the acoustic guitar based sing-along sensibilities of Frank Turner and the King Blues.

They hit the road again in April, this time in support of a new single ‘We will not forget’ being released on Xtra Mile Recordings (Hundred Reasons, Reuben, Frank Turner, Chris T-T, The Xcerts, Crazy Arm)

Produced and mixed by Mark Williams (Biffy Clyro, Bloc Party, Million Dead, Oceansize) ‘We will not forget’ is the bands most aggressive offering to date. The unforgettable melodies remain but the verse vocal pounds through the mix with an almost rap like quality. This song is all about the politics of participation; the chorus line repeats, “We will not forgive, we will not forget. The places you sent our men, the promises you didn’t keep.’ The lyrical content address the sad truth of society separated from the decisions made by its Government, and stresses the power offered by the electoral system. The song isn’t intended as a two-fingered salute to the establishment in the old clichéd manner of some punk music, rather as a way to incite some pride and anger into a generation coming of voting age. The stress is on the power of the vote in this song, it’s not a call to Anarchy; rather a call of responsibility. To put your politics into action, whatever they might be.

Released early this May with the general election looming the importance of the topic matter cannot be underestimated by any astute listener. The single release will also include a free acoustic download ‘Turning rebellion into money.’

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